Ring Rescue's Latest Success Stories


Sentimental Gold Earings Lost, Found And Reunited With Owner, Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia.



Ruth and her boyfriend had enjoyed an afternoon at Perth's most popular beach but when Ruth looked for her sentimental rose gold earings once they had returned to the car she found that she no longer had them. They had returned to the beach to look for them where they had been sitting close to the waters edge but had been unable to find them and were standing there wondering what if anything they could do...


Wireless Ear Bud Lost In Construction Site Found, Como, Western Australia.


 Cam called to ask if I could help find his wireless earbuds on a construction site. I said maaaybe! Obviously modern commercial construction sites are full of metal and are about as dynamic as a storm washed beach.  I asked him to send a pic of the site and man, it looked tough. Never one to shirk a challenge I...


4 Day Sea Search Finds Family Heirloom Rings, Bunker Bay, Western Australia.


Maurice had brought his family out to Western Australia for the trip of a lifetime and had been having just that when tradgedy had struck.

A few days before leaving Australia the family had gone to the beach at Bunker Bay in the beautiful South West of W.A. Maurice had set himself up close to the waters edge with an eisel and canvas to paint the picture perfect bay...


3 Hour Drive To Rescue A Cherished Gold Pendant, Dunsborough, Western Australia.

 Simon and a bunch of mates from Perth, had headed 3 hours south to Dunsborough for a boys weekend. They had rented a holiday house set in the bush and had been having a good old time when someone suggested a game of volleyball on the sand court in the backyard...


Sentimental Engagement Ring Found, Wembly Downs, Perth, Western Australia.

 As she regularly does, Glenys had been providing care at a home in Wembly Downs one morning but when she got to her car in the driveway with an armload of stuff including her 3 rings, she noticed one of them in the drivers floorpan of her car. She immediately set about finding the others before driving home. She was able to find another of her rings under the drivers seat but not her precious engagement ring...


Sentimental Ring Found, Peppermint Grove, Perth, Western Australia.


Judy had been having a hectic morning of gardening and walking her daughters dog along with some babysitting and wasn't sure where she had lost her very sentimental, gold ring with yellow and pink argyle diamonds.

I'd agreed to meet her the next day after taking in one of the longer loss stories I'd had for a while. As usual my treasure brain would not let me sleep as it replayed that story over and over again...


Zero Visibility Recovery Of Lost Bracelet, Ascot Waters Marina, Perth, W.A


A call from Ryan informed me that he’d just lost a heavy silver bracelet in the water between his boat and the marina jetty it is tied alongside in the Ascot Waters Marina in Perth, Western Australia.

The bracelet was particularly sentimental to Ryan as he had had a quantity of 99.9% silver coins from the Perth mint melted down and made into the bracelet whilst in Bali and it had lived on him...


Quick Response Jags Lost Gold Wedding Band, North Cottesloe Beach, W.A.

  This search began with a call from Chris who’d lost his wedding ring somewhere on the beach or in the water whilst fishing with two friends from North Cottesloe Beach.  One of his friends had seen his wedding ring still on his finger a few hours later but by about 2pm he noticed it was missing...


A Good Days Fishing Ends Tragically, Lost Wedding Band Found, Busselton, W.A.

  Shae had had a bad days fishing. Well it was a good days fishing with his daughter until.. you guessed it, he lost his wedding band, probably due to an emulsion of sunblock, water and fish bait oils plus a bit of momentum. It was the next day when he called so I got in the car and set sail for Busselton about 1.5 hrs south of Perth... 


Remote Ringfind, Byron Bay, NSW.

 Ring Ring, Ring Ring.. A Mr O’Conner called me recently and asked if I could help him as he’d lost a very sentimental signet ring. “Well, you’ve called the right bloke” I said, “finding lost stuff is what I do”. He then explained that he’d lost his signet ring in Byron Bay. Well here I am in Perth, Western Australia fielding a call for help from the other side of the continent! I said “Mmmm.. Ok...


The Stuff Of Legends Lost Gold Wedding Ring, Cottesloe Beach, W.A.

 Last week, I flew to Perth to visit my brother Sean who I hadn’t seen in ten years.  It was going to be an epic catch up and I was hoping I would get the chance to see him in action on a ring find – a new talent he had developed since we last saw each other.  I was fascinated with the whole process, and eager to share in what I was convinced would be a wicked feel good factor, reuniting someone with their lost ring...


Lost Longines Watch Rescued From Rottnest Island, Perth, W.A.


Geraldine had been enjoying some time with her family on Rottnest Island when sitting in the sand she had lost her sentimental watch given to her by her husband Keith. On the phone she explained they would shortly be returning to Perth so I organised to meet them at their home so they could show me on google earth where they thought they had been on the beach and their...


Lost IPhone X Found, Rottnest Island, Perth, W.A.


Every year in March a bunch of nutters contest the Perth to Rottnest Island swim, a 2o km swim from the mainland through sharky waters to the pub in Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island. On the day of the swim I’d heard that several groups of swimmers in this years race were plucked from the water by safety vessels due to shark sightings. In fact I thought that the race had been abandoned as a result...


9Hr Search For 10th Century Viking Ring, Applecross, W.A.

 Standing in of all places ‘The Prospectors Patch’ metal detecting supplies store I was called by Curt to ask if I could find his 10th century viking wedding ring, which he’d become separated from during a kitesurfing whoopsee in the Swan River at Applecross. I organised to meet Curt at the loss site when he’d finished work...


Third Time Lucky, Wedding Ring Plucked From The Sea, Burns Beach, W.A.


Bodan had been playing with his son in the water when he lost his wedding band at a remote stretch of beach which required a 4wd to access. As usual with water searches I explained to Bodan the ‘need for speed’ and organised a search the same day despite the conditions looking marginal at best...


Diamond Engagement Ring Lost In Bushland Found, Dawesville, W.A.

Adam called to ask if I hire out metal detectors as his partner Sheree had gone over the back fence of their home to retrieve a ball from the bushland and when she returned she noticed her precious engagement ring was awol...



Happy New Year Nathan! Silver Sands Beach, Mandurah, W.A.

 Today started with a problem. My phone’s battery had died overnight and once I’d thrown it on the charger and turned it on, it notified me I had voicemail. The message was from Nathan who’d lost his white gold, diamond engagement ring either on Silver Sands Beach in Mandurah or between there and his foreshore house this morning. Unfortunately...


Time Is Of The Essence, Trigg Beach, W.A.

All my advertising states it. Time is of the essence and often the #1 factor in effecting a successful recovery. After receiving a call from Steve today who had lost his Tiffany & Co, platinum wedding ring at Trigg beach this morning I explained to him that it was important to search for it as soon as possible and that I could meet him at the beach in about an hour or so, to see about reuniting him with it [...]

reunited with lost platinum wedding ring

Happy End To Holiday, Bunker Bay, Dunsborough, W.A.

Merten and his family were enjoying another fantastic day in W.A. until he felt his custom made platinum wedding band (it took 8 years to settle on the design!) slip from his finger while playing with his daughter Emilia in the surf at Bunker bay near Dunsborough in South Western Australia. Mortified, he stood very […] 


Merry Christmas Nikki! Whitfords Beach, Perth, W.A.

What an extraordinary day! After a relatively poor afternoons detecting in the water at one of Perths most popular beaches I returned to my ute and now in a towel threw my wetsuit in the back. I was thinking I must check my phone to see if I had any messages when I turned to see a…