Lost Jewellery Rescue Metal Detecting Services & Metal Detector Hire

We provide a full range of metal detecting services wherever they are needed and in nearly any environment. We charge a call out fee and settle on a reward amount to be paid only if your item is found. Fees are determined by where, when and what you have lost.



Land Searches

 We can search for your 'precious' in a back yard, park, garden, sportsfield, carpark, verge or farms etc. Public areas are a high priority, call us now.

Recent Success

8.5 hr Farm search in a storm for lost gold wedding ring. 

Margret River, W.A., May 2017 


Beaches - Shallow Water

 We have a high success rate for beach searches both in and out of the water. A quick response is often the no.1 factor in making a successful recovery.  If you've lost something special at the beach please call us straight away, even at night! 

Recent Success

Happy end to holiday for a German family.

Bunker Bay, W.A., Jan 2018


Underwater Searches

 We can provide underwater search and recovery services utilising SCUBA diving equipment and the latest underwater metal detectors. Contact us now and tell us your loss story and find out if a diving search can be made for your lost item.

Recent Success

A Lord of the Rings. Diver finds sunken treasure! 

Mandurah Coastal Times, W.A., Mar 2017

Metal Detector Hire


Garrett AT-Pro

The choice of professionals around the world for general treasure hunting. 

Waterproof to 3m.

Minelab GPX-4500

The ever popular, ever versatile '45 hundred', probably the worlds most popular gold detector. Advanced SETA pulse induction detects incredibly deeply especially in heavily mineralised ground conditions. 


Whites Surfmaster P.I

Reliable and easy to use the Surfmaster is a great choice for all beach and underwater work. Waterproof to 60 feet.

Whites Surfmaster Dual Field 

The Surfmaster Pro P.I's big brother. Bigger 12' dual field coil detects deeper and is less susceptable to black sand noise


Garrett 'Carrot' or Minelab Profind 45

Both are waterproof to 3m and either will make finding your target's much easier.