Metal Detector Hire and Metal Detecting Service

Lost your bling? Give us a ring! 

Yesterday or Yesteryear?

If you've lost it, we can find it!


"RingRescues Perth is part of a global network of metal detecting specialists. 

We specialize in finding lost sentimental rings and jewellery, we've also found phones, keys, anchors, cables, GPS units and cameras for the people who have lost them. The list is endless..." 

Whether you've lost your 'precious' in the water, at a beach or park, in a garden or yard, on a verge, 

or anywhere else... 

Whether you lost it yesterday or yesteryear, we can find it for you!

Your ring has a story attached to it, and when you lose your ring, that story ends. 

Ring Rescues offers you a second chance to continue that story by hiring one of our specialists to search for what you thought was lost forever!

Please Note  

Time is of the essence and often the No.1 factor in making a successful recovery.

 The sooner a metal detecting specialist can plan a search for your lost item, the greater your chances are for a successful recovery.

Find my bling!

Our Services

Land Searches

Lost wedding band

We can plan and execute a search for your precious lost item in back yards, parks, gardens, sportsfields and farms etc.

Public areas are high priority, call us as soon as possible.

Recent Success 

8.5hr Farm search for lost gold wedding ring.

Margaret River, W.A., 2017

Beaches and Shallow Water

lost gold wedding ring

 We have a high success rate for beach searches both in and out of the water. 

If you've lost something special at the beach please call us straight away, even at night!  

Recent Success

Happy end to holiday for a German family.

Bunker Bay, W.A., Jan 2018

More Smiles

Underwater Searches

diver metal detecting for lost wedding ring

We can provide underwater search and recovery services utilising SCUBA diving equipment and the latest underwater metal detectors. 

Recent Success

A Lord of the rings. Diver finds sunken treasure!

Mandurah Coastal Times, W.A., Mar 2017


I applaud Sean's professionalism, passion and determination. (2017)

"When I realized I lost my wedding band at a farm at Margaret River, I was devastated and pretty much gave up all hope of finding it.

Best decision ever. I am so glad I called Ring Rescues metal detector hire and metal detecting service to find my ring. Sean searched in a systematic manner after understanding the routes I took at the farm. I was overjoyed when he called to inform me that he had found it 24 hours before I left the country. It was truly a miracle, given that Sean did it under some very harsh weather conditions."

Desmond.K, Singapore.

Thanks very much for all your good work Sean. (2017)

lost wedding ring successful search

"Nothing was too much for you - racing to the beach on a moment's notice on a Sunday afternoon, strong winds, heavy swell. Very impressed with the way you went about everything, and a great result in the end. Much appreciated."

Brett.M, Perth, W.A.

More Testimonials

If you ever lose a valuable item in WA, Sean is Your guy!​​ (2018)

"Sean did an amazing job from start to finish: Immediate response, professional guidance, asking the right questions and taking action as fast as needed. He loves his job and I benefited from that Big Time." 

Merten.F, Germany.