"I still can't believe you found it you are a true legend!" (2019)

"Thanks a million once again! I still can't believe you found it you are a true legend!  I lost my wedding ring at City Beach in the surf and it was over two weeks until I discovered this service was available. I was certain that I would never see it again after such a long time. I gave Sean a call who with his professional knowledge had it back on my finger the next day! Amazing service I can't thank Sean enough!"  Kim.M, Perth, W.A.


"If you ever lose a valuable item in WA, Sean is Your guy!"​​ (2018)

 "Sean did an amazing job from start to finish: Immediate response, professional guidance, asking the right questions and taking action as fast as needed. He loves his job and I benefited from that Big Time." 

Merten.F, Germany


"I applaud Sean's professionalism, passion and determination" (2017)


"When I realized I lost my wedding band at a farm at Margaret River, I was devastated and pretty much gave up all hope of finding it.

Best decision ever. I am so glad I enlisted Sean's help to find the ring. He did so in systematic manner after understanding the routes I took at the farm. I was overjoyed when he called to inform me that he had found it 24 hours before I left the country. It was truly a miracle, given that Sean did it under some very harsh weather."

Desmond.K, Singapore.  


"Thanks very much for all your good work Sean." (2017)

 "Nothing was too much for you - racing to the beach on a moment's notice on a Sunday afternoon, strong winds, heavy swell. Very impressed with the way you went about everything, and a great result in the end. Much appreciated."

Brett.M, Perth, W.A.




"I’m so grateful for your efforts and enthusiasm in finding it. I feel whole again." (2017)

"Reading this brought tears of happiness AGAIN as I recall the last week and being reunited with my ring, which has felt much like a dream. This ring is one of those special rings that can’t just be remade or bought again, it signifies my first born child, years of marriage to a gorgeous man, and a Silversmith’s name which my daughter now carries. It is not something money can replace and I’m so grateful for your efforts and enthusiasm in finding it. I feel whole again. Thanks Sean!"  Jacqui.C, Perth, W.A.


"I’m so grateful to Sean finding my ring." (2017)

 "I’m so grateful to Sean finding my ring. Also the fact he came the next day after I phoned him, that certainly helped my feelings of anxiety that my ring was lost forever. I’m a very lucky lady. I’ve bought a lotto ticket, hope my luck will hold."

Lynette, Perth, W.A.